How to Start Your Own Writing Business

Are you a super writer? Did you not feel fear any time during writing a comprehensive article? Are you able to write attractive and mind blowing blogs, articles, Instagram posts and nobly expressing your thoughts in writing?

If you possess all this stuff, then you should start to convert writing into a real business. This is a group that makes you gain lots of opportunities. You should set a low price for providing writing services through famous freelancing platforms and flourish your business from there.

Before that you reach some conclusion, there is a need to comprehend how the content industry runs. It is the best guide for university graduates and students who are thinking to start a writing business, but still, they have not made a strong determination to do so.

Understand Where Writing Skill Can Take You

First of all, it is need to think that your writing skills will take you where in the future? You will need to establish an action plan; you will have particular goals for your future. Apart from that, you will just join a freelancing platform and there are chances that you will exhaust in less than a couple of weeks. A long term plan will keep you motivated and focused.

These are the career selections you can consider:

  • Freelance content writer or SEO copywriter
  • Short story writer or novelist (self-publish or as a ghostwriter)
  • Ultra Transcriber
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Native podcast writer
  • High-quality writing tutor
  • Customer-driven business proposal writer
  • Superstar Resume writer
  • Fast Screenwriter
  • Political speechwriter
  • Journalist
  • Content marketer

The list goes on and on. These are the careers you can develop as a freelancer, working for customers. But if you take a good start, you can think to invest in your own writing company. You can hire university junior graduates to work for you, so you’ll just search for heavy clients.

It’s good to Start Small

It is compulsory to investigate the working of writing industry from the inside before you blindly opt this profession and invest all of your life-saving money into a business website. It is highly encouraged to start freelancing. Your customers will already know what their followers want and like, so in this way you would save a lot of time that would spend on that kind of research.

For instance, you join Upwork. You will focus on a particular niche as a writer. If building construction is your focus because it is your desire to start a website within that niche in the future. You will easily comprehend what your followers and audience want. Your clients will grant you enough instructions to write an article. They will guide you what keywords to employ and how to include those keywords in the content. You will learn precious techniques on writing meta tags. In addition, you will also be earning money throughout this hands-on training.

Don’t Nervous Away from Cold Emailing

If you are thinking to limit your life to freelancing websites, then remember that you won’t have access to the best high-paying customers. At these platforms, competition is very high, and other freelancers tend to drop the prices too much. So you will have no other chance to work full time to increase your capital over $1,000 per month.

Cold messaging can help to start your career.

You need to work hard on your LinkedIn profile before you start sending messages. Your profile should deliver your creativity and mind-blowing writing skills. If you are looking for a network, then LinkedIn is best for you. You will gain access to potential clients and send them messages directly through this platform.

Now, how can you do this cold messaging task?

It is very easy. Just look up those potential clients within the niche to whom you cover. By sending messages, try to convince them how can you become an integral part of their writing team. Your message should also contain your published content links. That’s all.

Start Outsourcing Work

Once you successfully establish a good base of returning customers, you will locate yourself with your hands full of work. Now does it mean that you should stay calm with what you have got and keep working on that level like donkeys?

Never. Keep looking for new customers. Because we are discussing turning writing into a business and it means you should not let yourself of anybody’s employee. You are the boss of you.

When you realize that you will not be able to handle all of your clients on your own, you will start outsourcing. First and foremost, you can begin outsourcing the outlining and editing part of your task. You’ll find great freelancers on Upwork and PeoplePerHour. But you know what? You can also make connections with freelance writers via LinkedIn.

Truly, this implies you’ll be contributing cash. Be that as it may, each entrepreneur contributes cash, so you’re great with that, isn’t that so?

Build a Website

Now, you know how the writing business works on the inside. You know what the client’s requirements, so you basically acknowledged what the readers is searching for.

It’s your turn to make a greater investment in your business. It is a great starting point because you have already your niche. Now it is compulsory for you to be informed about regulations for online business in your country. And you will be able to start your own website.

We are not discussing about a simple blog post. We are discussing about an attractive, secure website that is going to deliver high-level content. You may begin offering various services or products, based on your niche.

And if you want to concentrate on writing as a business, you can concentrate on starting your own writing small business. You simply need to make a point to construct a safe framework where the customers can make payments, and the writers can get their cash.

The limits of Sky

You are not only a writer. You are a decent one, and you have huge objectives ahead. Writing can be an unassuming profession that gets you through month after month. But, you can transform it into something a lot greater. You need that, isn’t that so?


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